David has been involved in the horse industry most of his life. He began riding as a child at Pony Club, Riding Club and competing in novelties in the Geelong area.  

After leaving school, he travelled to the Northern Territory where he worked as Head Stockman for a large company. This lengthy stay, (approximately eight years) gave him a vast experience in all facets of Horsemanship.

He was responsible for mustering hundreds of horses that had never seen a man and then break them in using traditional methods.

Upon his return to Victoria, David knew that there must be a more humane, natural and less frightening approach to enable horses to be broken in. His search began.

After an extensive search David came across the “John Lyons” method of natural horsemanship. He intensified his search and gathered all available literature which he studied intently.

In 1998 David spent seven weeks with John Lyons at his property in Colorado, USA. David underwent a one on one intensive accreditation program. This program covered all aspects of John’s training, which consists of round pen work, ground control, ridden work and problem solving on many different horses.

David has found John’s method promotes calmness, responsiveness and effectiveness in all training and his methods to be tried and proven with all types of horses and equine disciplines.

David became Australia’s First Accredited John Lyons Trainer.

In addition to using Johns method, David has established and developed his own unique training method and is now considered to be one of Australia’s leading horse trainers and educators. David is passionate about establishing a training routine that builds the foundation of a non-threatening, harmonious relationship for all riders and horses.

David has also found a passion for training and successfully competing in reining      


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